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I looked at both versions.And I like this version better.To me This one Looks like it was from the film noir crime movies from the 1940...

Well I haven't done a Critique in a while.So here it goes.I do like this.I like you're use of colors and I do like how you mad the girl...

by wdeleon

indeed she's is very stunnig.I love the use of colors.She look like she wants to play and is very comfterble in her sexuality.And she l...

Now this is good work.You have done a great job drawing Patrick Stewarts Facial features.and I like the bodguards.The uniformwith all t...


Sun Jan 11, 2015, 1:12 AM
Thu Oct 9, 2014, 7:32 PM


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As Luke discribed The Tupolev TU-95 to General Walther.The radar control center at Applelossa AFB was still tracking the Russian built bomber.

General Walther,So what is a Russian aircraft doing in our airspace?

Luke,I don't know sir.I don't even know if it's even from The Russian Air Force.(Looks at General Walther)General.May I speak to my wife?

General Walther,Go ahead.

Luke puts on a headset and plugs it into the console.

Luke,Rainboomer one.This is Lima Tango.Do you read?

Rainbow Dash,Lima Tango.This Rainboomer one.Reading you Lima Charlie.Five by Five.

Luke,Are there any markings on the bogey?

Rainbow Dash,Negative.There are no markings on bogey.

Luke,(looking at General Walther)Sir.Thats strange.A Russian Aircraft with no markings.

Admiral Wineman,What do you think it means Major?

Luke I wish I knew sir.

Princess Celestia,Do you suppose that this aircraft is here to attack Equestria?

Luke,I do not know you're highness.(Gets back on comms)Rainboomer one.Lima Tango.Are there any weapons on the bogey?

Rainbow Dash,Lima Tango.Rainboomer one.I see two large objects under the bogeys belly.I'm gonna take a closer look.

Luke,Roger that.Be careful of the bogeys propeller wash.

Rainbow Dash,Copy that.

Rainbow Dash then flew her F-86 underneath the TU-95 and looked at the objects.Then she reported what she saw.

Rainbow Dash,Appleloosa Control.Rainboomer one.The objects appear to be some kind of camera.I see telephoto lenses on the objects belly.Requesting further instructions.

Luke,Sir.We need to make contact with the aircraft and find out why they are here.

General Walther nods 

Luke,Rainboomer one.Try to establish radio contact with bogey.

Rainbow Dash,Roger.(Switches radio frequencies)Attention unknown aircraft.This is Captain Rainbow Dash Thomas of The Royal Equestrian Air Force.You are presently flying in Equestrian airspace.What are you're intentions?........I repeat.This is Captian Rainbow Dash Thomas of The Royal Equestrian Air Force.You are presently in Equestrian airspace.Acknowledge.Appleloosa Control.Rainboomer One.Aircraft is not responding.Awaiting further instructions.

General Walther.(Looks at Luke)Any ideas Major?

Luke,Well sir.If they are ignoring us,then a warning shot across their nose should get their attention.

General Walther,(On comms)Rainboomer One.This is Golf Whiskey.You are to fire a warning burst with your guns,but do not hit them.Just get their attention.

Rainbow Dash,Rainboomer One copies.

Rainbow Dash flew behind the the TU-95 and fired her F-86s .50 caliber machine guns.Still there was no response.

Rainbow Dash,Appleloosa Control.Rainboomer One.No joy.I'm gonna try something.

Rainbow dash then undid her seatbeal,detached her oxygen hose and opened her canopy.She switched on the planes Automatic Pilot and climbed out of the cockpit,spreading her wings and flew out of the fighter and to the top of the Tupolev's fusalage.And was almost knocked off by the bombers propeller wash.She The Cyan Pegasus managed to remain on the aircraft and walked to the front and looked inside the cockpit via the windshield.What she saw shocked her.Rainbow Dash wasted no time.And flew back to her F-86 and once back inside the cockpit.She radioed in what she saw.

Rainbow Dash,Appleloosa Control.Rainboomer One.The crew of the bogey appear to be incapacitated.Maybe even deceased.

Everyone in the control room had a look of horror on their faces.
MLP-FIM.The Crisis.Chapter 13.Part 2.
Part 2 of Chapter 13.

Everypony is figuring out what do do about the mystery TU-95.And Rainbow Dash make a startling discovery.

MLP-FIM is own by Hasbro.

This is just for fun.Not for profit.

If anyone wants to make a comic from this.Feel free to do so.As long as you credit me.

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In the weeks that followed Luke and Rainbow Dash's wedding.Things in Equestria were getting busier.And today Appleloosa Air Force Base was offically becoming operational.Luke and Rainbow Dash were down there for about 2 weeks.They decided to hold off on their honeymoon until the base was ready.They both felt it was way too important.The bases hangers,runway,barracks,administration offfices.As well as the brig.Runway,.And radar station were now built.While Luke was training airponies.Rainbow Dash and The Rainboomers were flying air patrols over Applelpssa in their F-86s.Rainbow Dash loved her new jet fighter.she thought it was pretty fast.Faster than her propeller driven F-12 she had flown for the last six months.Now she was flying faster than she has ever flown.Admiral Wineman.Princess Celestia.General Walther.Gil and Twilight.Danny and Shining armor along with their mares had come down.Princess Celestia and Admiral Wineman gave speeches.There was a military parade.And the ponies of Applelossa staged a cook-out as a way of saying thank you.One morning Airpony Looking Glass was at his post in the radar station looking at his radar screen.When he saw a blip.He raised his hoof and Sergeant Blue Lighting walked up to him.

Sgt Lighting,What's going on Glass?

AP Glass,Sarge.I have an unidentified aircraft just entered Equestian airspace.

Sgt Lighting,Where?

AP Glass,Three Five Zero degrees Southwest.

Sergeant Lighting then picked up the telephone and dailed.

Srt Lighting,This is Sergeamt Blue Lighting in radar control.Get Colonel Mint n Chip.We hane an unidentified aircraft in our airspace.And scramble The Rainboomers now.

Rainbow Dash was with her squadron in the ready room of Hanger chating with her squadron.

LT.Whirlwind,So Skipper.Where are you and you're new husband gonna go on your honeymoon?

Rainbow Dash,Luke and I are gonna go to Las Pegasus.Did you guys know that in The U.S.Where Luke is from?They also have a gambiling town.Called Las Vegas.I mean what are the odds?

LT.GreenGrass.Wow.So you two are gonna go have fun in the sun.

Rainbow Dash,Yep.Six nights.Seven days.At The Harmony Hotel Casino Resort.Our honeymoon will be awesome.

Just then The bases alarm sounded.



Rainbow Dash and The Rainboomers ran to their F-86s.After climbubg into the cockpit,and putting on her flight helmet,Oxygen mask and fastening her seat belt,with help from the ground crew.The cyan pegasus started up the fighter planes J47 jet engine and got on the radio.

Rainbow Dash,Applelossa Control.Rainboomer one.What do we have??

Control,Rainboomer One.Applelossa Control.Bogey at Three Five Zero degrees coming from the southwest.It looks like it headed for Applelossa.Orders are to intercept.Take no other action until authorized.

Rainbow Dash,Roger that.Request permission for immediate taxi and take off?

Control,Rainboomer one.You are clear for taxi and take off.Runway two two right.All aircraft out of the airspace.

Rainboomer,Roger.Rainboomers are rolling.OK Rainboomers.Lets go!!

Rainbow Dash and the rest of the Rainboomers taxied to Runway 22.And went full throttle on their F-86s and soon were in the air heading southwest to find the aircraft that was flying in Equestrian Air Space.Meanwhile back in the radar control room.General Walther.Along with Major Luke Thomas.Princess Celestia,Admiral Wineman,General Danny Williams,Admiral Gil Stewart and Princes Twilight Sparkle walked in.

General Walther,Colonel.What's going on here?

Colonel Mint n Chip,(Saluting)Sir.An unknown aircraft came up on our radar.Coming in from the southwest.I sent The Rainboomers to intercept.

Admiral Wineman,Do we what kind of aircraft it is Colonel?

Colonel Mint N Chip,No sir.Not yet.Captain Thomas shoud be intercepting in the next few minutes.

Rainbow Dash(On Comms)Applelossa Control.Rainboomer One.We have the aircraft in sight.

Control,Rainboomer One.Can you discribe the bogey?

Rainbow Dash,Roger.The aircraft is about one five zero feet long.It is a four engine turboprop.With four engine nacels.Each with two sets of propellers,rotating clockwise and counter clockwise.The wings are also swept back.

Back ay Applelossa Control.Luke was thinking.Then.

Luke,No way.It can't be.

General Walther,Something on your mind Major?

Luke,Sir.I think my wife just discribed a Russian Tupolev TU-95.

General Walther,What's a Tupolev TU-95?

Luke.Sir.It's a long range  intercontinental strategic bomber.
MLP-FIM.The Crisis.Chapter 13.Part 1.
Part 1 of Chapter 13.

Appleloosa AFB opens.And an unknown aircraft enters Equestrian Airspace.

MLP-FIM is owned by Hasbro.

This is just for fun.Not for profit.

If anyone wants to amke a comic from this.Feel free to do so.As long as you credit me.

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In the months that have followed.Luke and Rainbow Dash were getting ready for their wedding.As well as getting the new Firefly built F-86D Sabre Jet Fighters were now being deployed.After Rainbow Dash spent 3 weeks trainnig in The Newly built Flight Simulator,that Luke built from scratch.And after training in a Firefly built CASA C101 Trainer.She and THE RAINBOOMERS were getting ready to recieve the new fighters.Other Squadrons would get them later.It was a busy couple of months.Luke and his fiancee.The Cyan Pegasus were laying in bed,after having a love making session.Luke was on his back.Rainbow Dash was on her tummy.

Rainbow Dash,Luke.Can I ask you something?

Luke,Sure babe.What's up?

Rainbow Dash,Well.I was wondering.What are gonna wear on our wedding day?

Luke,I'm gonna wear my Mess Dress Uniform.Why?

Rainbow Dash,Because.I'm thinking.Since we're both Air Force Officers.I'm thinking.I want to wear my Dress Mess Uniform too.And I just want to know,what you think.

Luke,Baby.You can wear anything you want,but I just wanna know.What brought this on?

Rainbow Dash,Remember that episode of Star Trek Voyager we watched on DVD the other night?

Luke,You mean the one where Tom Paris and B'Lanna Torres got married aboard Voyager?Sure.

Rainbow Dash,Yeah.In that scene.Tom and B'Lanna got married both wearing their Starfleet Dress Uniforms.And I thought it was so cool.So I thought,that we could get married wearing our own Dress Uniforms.So what do you think?

Luke,Well It dosen't really matter to me what you wear.I mean.You could wear a clown suit with pointy hat,big red nose,and big red clown shoes on each hoof.

Rainbow Dash,LUKE!!!!(Playfully bats Luke's shoulder)Besides.I think Pinkie wants to her a clown suit when she gets married.

Luke,(Chuckling)My point is.It dosen't matter what you wear.It's our wedding.So if you wanna wear your dress uniform.Then I say do it.Besides.I'm marrying you.Not your wardrobe.

Rainbow Dash,Thanks for being so understanding babe.(Kisses Luke)So.You wanna fool around some more?

Luke,(Pulling Rainbow Dash close to him.)Like you have to ask twice.

Luke and Rainbow fucked again,until they were exhausted and fell asleep.A few months have gone by.The wedding plans were in full swing.Rainbow Dash and Luke were getting their dress uniforns cleaned,by Rarity.At no charge.At Sweet Apple Acres.The main barn was where the wedding was going to be held,was cleaned out.Fluttershy was leading some of younger girls,both human and filly in a chior.Rainbow Dash had something special she wanted to do for Luke.She had been rehearsing in secret,since The Cyan Pegasus wanted to surprise her human groom.And the chior was going to play a big part.Pinkie-Pie was making the wedding cake.Rainbow Dash and Luke sent out all the invitations.Even Princess Celestia Admiral Wineman and Princess Luna were coming.So were Danny and Buttons,and Molly was also coming.Princess Cadence would officiate over the ceremony.

A few more weeks went by.And then there was the wedding rehearsal.And rerhearsal dinner.And them came The Bacholer party for Luke and batchorlette party for Rainbow Dash.Applejack came down on a weeks leave from Canterlot.She was going to be on of Rainbow Dash's Bridesmaids,with Twilight as Maid of Honor.Nate Mossinger came in from Manehattan to be Lukes Best Man.And the rest of Lukes old DSS team would be his Groomsmen.

Finally the day of the wedding arrived.Everyone in Ponyville was attending.Reporters and photographers from all over Equestria also came.Since this was the first ever marriage between a pony and a human.Applejacks barn was the most beautiful cathedral anyone ever saw.Luke was waiting with his old team.He was in his new Air Force Mess Dress Uniform.Nate Mossinger was with him.

Nate,Hey Luke.You allright?

Luke,Yeah.Just pre wedding jitters.

Nate,Ahh.It's nothing.You'll be allright.I mean.You love Rainbow Dash right?

Luke,Yes.I do.I wanna spend the rest of my life with her.

Nate,OK.Then.Lets go.

Meanwhile.Rainbow Dash was in another room With her friends.She was also in her Air Force Dress Mess Uniform.

Twilight,Are you ready Rainbow Dash?

Rainbow Dash,Yeah.I just looking foreward to my future with Luke.Rarity.Will you stop already.I think I have enough make up on.

Rarity,Oh come now Rainbow Dash.You should look as beautiful as possible.I mean.Since you didn't want me to make a wedding gown for you.The least you could do is let me make you look beautiful for Luke.

Rainbow Dash,(sighing)Allright.Just don't go overboard.

Just then Rainbow Dash's friend Gilda arrived.And they both hugged

Gilda,Hey Loser.

Rainbow Dash.Hey Doofus.

Gilda,So you ready to take the plunge.You know.Once you make those vows.There's no turning back.

Rainbow Dash.And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Gilda,Yeah thats what they all say..Really.I am happy for you Rainbow Dash.For you and Luke.

Rainbow Dash,Thanks Gilda.


Luke and Nate walked out of the room and went to the barn.And went with his old team.Nate Mossinger.Jim Sawyer.Klye Green,Frank Wilkins,Henry Clark.They all went to the front of the barn where the pulpit was set up.The Cutie Mark Crusaders.Applebloom.Sweetie Belle.Scootaloo and their newest member.Patricia Carlye.The daughter of Marine Staff Sergeant William Carlye.The girls were flower girls.Just then.Everyone stood and The choir began singing And then Rainbow Dash entered with her father Rainbow Blitz.To Luke,his Cyan Pegasus Bride never looked so beautiful.Rainbow Blitz kissed Rainbow Dash,and hugged Luke and took his place beside Rainbow Shine.The audience then sat as Princess Cadence began the ceromony.

Princess Cadence,Dearly beloved.We are all gathered here in the wonderful place.And on this beautiful day.Among friends and family in the sight of love.To bear witness today to the joining of Lucas and Rainbow Dash.In the holiest of bonds.The bond of matromony.This is truly a special day.For it is the first marriage between a pony and a human.The Great Creator.The one who created us all.Who many humans call God,only want's one thing for all of us.And The Great Creator want's all of us to be happy with someone.It does not matter who it is,or what species they are.As long as there is love for each other in their hearts.Then to The Great Creator.That is all that really matters.(Looks at Luke and Rainbow Dash.)Luke.Rainbow Dash.Will you please face each other and take each others hands and hooves.Luke.Repeat after me.

Rainbow Dash stands on her hind legs,and Luke takes her forehooves in his hands.

Princess Cadence/Luke,I Lucas Jason.Take thee Rainbow Dash.To be my lawfully wedded wife.To have and to hold.To love and to honer.To treasure and to cherish.For better or worse.For richer or for poorer.In sickness and in health.For all the days of my life.Foresaking all others.Keeping myself only for you.Unto the day death parts us.

Princess Cadence,Rainbow Dash.Repeat after me.

Princess Cadence/Rainbow Dash,I Rainbow Dash.Take thee Lucas Jason.To be my lawfully wedded husband.To have and to hold.To love and to honor.To treasure and to cherish.For better or worse.For richer or poorer.In sickness and in health.For all the days of my life.Forsaking all others.Keeping my self only for you.Unto the day death parts us.

Princess Cadence,And now Luke and Rainbow Dash have something they want to say to each other.

Luke,Rainbow Dash.I Remember when I first saw you back when I was assigned to you in Virginia.I was captivated by you.And since coming to Equestria,And becoming friends with you.I never thought we would become lovers,but it happened.And I have never been happier.I vow to always be yours.From now til the end of time.I will be you husband.Companion,your confidant.Your lover.And your very best friend.My heart now belongs to you.

Rainbow Dash,(Singing "Because You Loved Me".By Celine Dion)

For all those times you stood by me.
For all the truth that you made me see.
For all the joy that you brought to my life.
For all the wrong that you made right.

For every dream you made come true.
For all the love I found in you.
I'll be forever thankful baby.
You're the one who held me up.
Never let me fall.
You're the one who saw me through,through it all.

You were my strength,when I was weak.
You were my voice,when I couldn't speak.
You were my eyes,when I couldn't see.
You saw the best,there was in me.
Lifted my up,when I couldn't reach.
You gave me faith,because you believed.
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me.


You gave me wings and made me fly.
You touched my hoof,I could touch the sky.
I lost my faith,you gave it back to me.
You said,no star was out of reach.
You stood by me,and I stood tall.
I had you're love,I had it all.
I'm grateful for each day you gave me.
Maybe I don't know that much,but I know this much is true.
I was blessed because I was loved by you.

You were my strength,when I was weak.
You were my voice,when I couldn't speak.
You were my eyes,when I couldn't see.
You saw the best,there was in me.
Lifted me up,when I couldn't reach.
You gave me faith,because you believed.
I'm everything I am.
Because you loved me.

You were always there,for me.
The tender wind that carried me.
A light in the dark,shining you're love into my life.
You've been my inspiration.
Through the lies,you were the truth.
My world is a better place,because of you.

You were my strength,when I was weak.
You were my voice,when I couldn't speak,
You were my eyes,when I couldn't see.
You saw the best,there was in me.
Lifted me up,when I couldn't reach.
You gave me faith,because you believed.
I'm everything I am,because you loved me.


You were my strength,when I was weak.
You were my voice,when I couldn't speak.
You were my eyes,when I couldn't see.
You saw the best,there was in me.
Lifted me up,when I couldn't reach.
You gave me faith,because you believed.
I'm everything I am,because you loved me.


I'm everything I am,because you loved me.

And there isn't a dry eye in the house.Even Shining Armor was crying.Gil and Danny both handed him tissiues.Cadenece warned them ahead of time.Then Cadence spoke again.

Princess Cadence,Luke.Rainbow Dash.What you said to one another.Was just beautiful.And now the rings please.

Luke and Rainbow Dash bring out their wedding bands.

Princess Cadence,Luke.Place the band on Rainbow Dash's hoof and repeat after me.

Princess Cadence/Luke,With this ring.I Lucas Jason.Hereby proclaim to all present.That from this day on.I make thee Rainbow Dash,my beloved wife.

Luke places the band around The Cyan Pegasus's left forehoof.

Princess Cadence,Rainbow Dash.Place the ring on Luke's finger.And repeat after me.

Princess Cadence/Rainbow Dash,With this ring.I Rainbow Dash.Hereby proclaim to all present.That form this day on.I make thee Lucas Jason,my beloved husband.

Rainbow Dash places the ring on Luke's left finger.

Princess Cadence,And now.By the power vested in me.By Princess Celestia,and by our mutual belief in love.I now peonounce you.Husband and Wife.And what has been brought together.No noone tearusunder.(Looks at Luke)You may kiss the bride.

Luke and Rainbow Dash kiss for the first time as a married couple.

Princess Cadence,Ladies and Gentlecolts.It is my pleasure for the very first time to present.Lucas and Rainbow Dash Thomas.

The crowd cheers as Luke and his new wife walk out to the backyard to the reception.Lots of food.Cider,dancing.And of course The Wedding Cake made by Pinkie-Pie.Rainbow Dash and Luke both cut the cake and fed one another.Then came time for Rainbow Dash to throw her bouqet.And Twilight caught it.And when Luke took of Rainbow Dash's garter and threw it,It was Danny who caught it.After the reception.Rainbow Dash and her new human husband were flown to Canterlot for the Wedding Night.The honeymoon,both decided would wait a couple of weeks.
MLP-FIM.The Crisis.Couples.Luke and Rainbow Dash.3
Rainbow Dash and Lukes wedding.

MLP-FIM is owned by Hasbro.

This is just for fun.Not for profit.

If anyone wants to make a comic from this.Feel free to do so.As long as you credit me.

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Admiral Gil Stewart,Brigider Generals Shining Armor,Danny Williams and Walther,as well as Princess Twilight Sparkle and Luke and Rainbow Dash were all on board 2 Puma Helicopters being flown by Royal Army Lieutenant Cherry Berry in one.And Lieutenant Eagle Eye in another.Along with co-pilots going to The Royal Castle in Canterlot.For the monthly Comstat meeting with Admiral Wineman.The Pumas landed on the new helicopter pad at the castle.All 4 military commanders and the others exited and were saluted by The Royal Guard.When all the commanders entered the meeting room.They were greeted by Ensign Applejack.Admiral Winemans new Adjutant.

Applejack,Good mornin sirs.Can ahh git y'all anythin?

Gil,Yes Ensign.Coffee all round.And when is The Admiral due?

Applejack,Admiral Wineman will be here in a few minutes.

A few minutes later.Admiral Wineman walked in with Princess Celestia.


Everyone stood at attention.

Admiral Wineman,As you were.Please be seated.

After everyone took a seat.Admiral Wineman began the meeting.

Admiral Wineman,Allright.Lets get down to business.General Sparkle.Whats happening with The Army?

Shining Armor,Well sir.Fort Cyrstal is now under construction.As is Fort Dodge.And we now have 400 ponies in The army.And the new rifle that General Williams designed is being well recieved by both human and pony troops.It will be know as the M-59 Semiautomatic Battle Rifle.

Admiral Wineman,Very good.And now Air Force.General Walther.

General Walther,Well sir.According to both Major Thomas and Captain Dash.The F-86 Sabre Fighter planes are now in service.Captain Dash's squadron."The Rainboomers"were the first to recieve them.The C-130s are also coming into service.As are the FB-111s as mid range bombers.And the F-4 Phantoms,AV-8 Harriers,F-5s and T38 Talons.should be on line by early next year.Again.The Rainbommers will be the first Air Force Squadron to recieve them.Also we need to do something with the F12s and B11 bombers.And we now have about 350 ponies in The Air Force,Also.Applelosa Air Force Base should be ready in 3 weeks.Just after Major Thomas and Captain Dash's wedding.

Admiral Wineman,Yes I heard.Major.Captain.Congratulations to both of you.The Princess's and I have recieved our invitations.Now.What other aircraft are ready??Major?

Luke,Well sir.The 707 and my 727 are already being reproduced and will be used as transport.I would like to Give Princess Celestia 3 of our 707s as her royal aircraft.

Admiral Wineman,You mean like Air Force One?

Luke,Yes sir.In this case.They would be designated "Equestria One"And I'll do the design for the inside.

Admiral Wineman,I think that's a great idea.The Princess should have her own aircraft.Now.Ensign Applejack.What news from The Shipyards?

Applejack,Well sir.The new ships are being built.The Battleship,and Aircraft Carrier.As well as The new Cruised and Destroyer are on scheadule.However the New Submarine has been having problems.

Admiral Wineman,What sort of problem.

Applejack,Well.....Ummmm.You see sir.....It's.

Admiral Wineman,Well.....Spit it out Ensign.

Applejack.The ponies who volunteered.Are now afraid to board the boat.Somepony told em that it would sink with all of them on board.

Admiral Wineman was now in what he called "Angry Mode".He would remain calm and cool,but he keep his hand under the table and clinch his fist.Then he spoke again.

Admiral Wineman,And who is the pony with the overly big mouth?Do we know who it is?I want him or her court martialed.

Applejack,No sir.Not yet.

Twilght,(looking confused)And why would somepony talk about my submarine.I followed all the specs.

Admiral Wineman,I don't know,but we will find out.

Gil,I hope so sir.Because it be a blow to Twilight.After she has worked so hard to get those ships built.

Admiral Wineman,Hmmm.Allright.Danny.Shining,Gil.Continue with your work.Gil.I want a Special Ops unit formed.

Gil,Well sir.We need a dedicated assault rifle for that purpose.As was thinking we could build our own version of the old Stoner M-63.

Admiral Wineman,Always The Navy SEAL.Huh Gil?

Gil,Yes sir.And The Stoner is a modular weapons platform.

Admiral Wineman,OK.Then get on it.Alright everyone.Lets get back to work.Meeting adjourned.Applejack.I want to talk to you.Be in my office in five.

Applejack,Aye sir.

After everyone left back for Ponyville.Ensign Applejack went to Admiral Wineman's office and knocked.

Admiral Wineman,Enter.

Applejack walked in,and saw The Admiral and Princess Celestia.

Applejack,Ya'all wanted ta see me Admiral.

Admiral Wineman,Yes Ensign.As you know.We can't have some salior going around talking about our new submarine in a negative way.It just causes demoralization on a large scale.So here's what we are gonna do.It has come to my attention that Rarity once conducted an investigation to clear Captain Dash,when she was accused of wrongdoing,which would have gotten her drummed out of The Wonderbolts and even A dishonorible discharge.Which would have ruined her.

Applejack,Yes sir.Rarity proved that,now former Colonel Wind Rider had set up Rainbow Dash,to keep his record intact.

Admiral Wineman,So you would say.Rarity has investigative skills?As that correct Ensign?

Appplejack,I would say so sir.Ahh mean.If Ahh was accused of something Ahh din't do,Then I would  trust Rarity.With my life.And my freedom.

Admiral Wineman,I see.Applejack.While you're in Ponyville on Weekend leave.Bring her by Ponyville JSB.I want to talk to her.

Applejack,Aye Aye sir.

Admiral Wineman,And when the sub is ready for launch in two months.I'm going to take her out,on her shakedown cruise.

Applejack(Looking surprised)You sir.

Admiral Wineman,Yes.I am a sub driver.I did it in The U.S.Navy.It was how I started my career.

Applejack,Still sir.Why you.

Admiral Wineman,Because.I have to show these ponies,that I have confidence in the submarines design.And That I have confidence in Twilight's skills as a designer.

Princess Celestia,And I also have to show confidence in Twilight's work.Since I was her teacher.And that is why I am letting my beloved do this.

Applejack,Well Admiral.If ya'all are gonna do this.Then I'm gonna be right there with ya.

Admiral Wineman,(Nods)I was hoping you would ensign.In fact.I think it's time you expanded you career.I am going to train you as a Dive Officer.

Applejack,Dive Officer?

Admiral Wineman,Yes.I know you can do it.I have every confidence in you Applejack.

Applejack,Ahh won't let you down sir.

Admiral Wineman,I know that Applejack.And to show my appreciation for all you're hard work,since becoming my adjutent.

Admiral Wineman opens his desk drawer and brings out a box and opens it.Inside are a set of silver Lieutenants bars.And shoulder epilettes.

Admiral Wineman,Ensign Applejack.Effective immediatlly.It is with my honor and previlage to promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade.With all the rights and privaliges associated with your new rank.(Hands Applejack the box.)Congratulations Lieutenant.

Applejack,Thank You Sir.(Salutes)

Admiral Wineman,Now.Lets call it a day.And remember.Your wetdown is on wednsday.First round is on you.

Princess Celestia,Congradulations Applejack.I'm sure you want to tell you're family as soon as possible.

Admiral Wineman,Thats all Lieutenant.Dismissed.And don't forget about wednsday.

Applejack nodded and left to go home to her apartment to call Sweet Apple Acres.Now that telephone service has been established,and Granny Smith bought Applejack couldn't wait to tell Granny Smith.Big Macintosh and Applebloom about her promotion.
MLP-FIM.The Crisis.Sidestory.COMSTAT.
The monthly meeting of  Equestria's military leaders.Admiral Wineman recieves some disressing news.Applejack gets promoted.

MLP-FIM is owned by Hasbro.

This is just for fun.Not for profit.

If anyone wants to make a comic from this.Feel free to do so.As long as you credit me.

Should I include Sunset Shimmer as a pony in my Fan-Fic series MLP-FIM The Crisis? 

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