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USMC in vietnam 1969 :iconkanosa2:kanosa2 23 2 M4zoomin :iconbat11:bat11 70 1 Rainbow Dash's Colt M1911A1 pistol :iconstu-artmcmoy17:Stu-artMcmoy17 5 4
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My Little Cadence :iconskykain:SkyKain 1,247 209
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Downtown LA View :icontomoliverart:TomOliverArt 3 2


I looked at both versions.And I like this version better.To me This one Looks like it was from the film noir crime movies from the 1940...

by Pjavino

Well I haven't done a Critique in a while.So here it goes.I do like this.I like you're use of colors and I do like how you mad the girl...

by wdeleon

indeed she's is very stunnig.I love the use of colors.She look like she wants to play and is very comfterble in her sexuality.And she l...

Now this is good work.You have done a great job drawing Patrick Stewarts Facial features.and I like the bodguards.The uniformwith all t...


Sun Jan 11, 2015, 1:12 AM
Thu Oct 9, 2014, 7:32 PM


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Back in Equestria.Luke and Rainbow Dash were enjoying their day off.They were in Ponyville Park having a picnic under a shady tree.They had just eaten and were holding each other.They were happy together.Luke decided this was the right time to ask The Cyan Pegasus a very important question.

Luke,Hey Dashie.Get up for a minute.

Rainbow Dash,Hmm.What is it babe?

Rainbow Dash stood up and Luke got on one bended knee.And brought out a bracelet.

Luke,Rainbow Dash.Ever since I came here to Equestria.My life changed.And then I met you.And my life really changed.Since then  these last months have been the greatest of my life.You have become my entire world.And I love you more than anything else in this world.Rainbow Dash.Will you......Will you marry me?

Rainbow Dash.(Crying)Luke...Yes....Yes.....YES!!!!!I WILL MARRY YOU!!!!!!(Kisses Luke,Luke puts engagment bracelet on her left forehoof.Rainbow Dash flies in the air)BEST DAY EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!

After Rainbow Dash landed she and Luke Kissed again and held each other.And the human and pegasus were now engaged to be married.

Back in Ponyville.The town was only getting bigger.More houses were being built.Filty Rich was making money.He even opened a Barnyard Bargins Department Store in town.So the town was going to become a city.However not everypony was happy about it.Fluttershy was against the growth.She was in Mayor Mare's office at Town Hall.With Twilight

Mayor Mare,Now Miss Fluttershy.Please be reasonable.

Fluttershy,I'm sorry Madame Mayor.but I have to take a stand for the animals.This construction site would displace many of the animals who call this place home.Did anyone ask them how they feel?

Twilight,Fluttershy.We can make arrangment's for the animals to relocate.

Fluttershy,Still Twilight.These animals are losing their homes.Remember how you felt,when you lost your home when Tirek destroyed it?Even after you got you're castle.You wouldn't use it for weeks.Remember that?

Twilight,Yeah.I do,but Fluttershy.There are bigger issues Equestria is facing now.

Fluttershy,Don't you think I know that Twilight,but I have to think of the animals.They are already complaining about the gunfire coming from the base.

Twilight,And just how are the troops supposed to train?Look just ask the animals.If they want to relocate,then I will pay for it.Out of my own pocket.

Fluttershy,Allright.I will ask them.And if they say no?

Twilight,Then I will talk to Admiral Wineman myself.And hopefully.We can work something out.

Fluttershy,I guess that will be OK.

Fluttershy left Mayor Mares office and she and Twilight continued to talk.After Twilight had left she went home and found Gil in the kitchen,cooking,while listening to "Crystal Blue Persuasion"by Tommy James & The Shondells.Twilight just stood there listening to her man sing the lyrics,using a spoon as a microphone.

Crystal Blue Persuasion.
Tommy James & The Shondells.

Look over yonder.What do you see?
The sun is a-risin.Most Definitely.
A new day is callin.People are changin.

Aint it beautiful.Crystal Blue Persuasion.

Better get ready.Gonna see the light.
Love,love is the awswer.And that's allright.
So don't you give up now.So easy to find.
Just look to your soul.And open your mind.

Crystal Blue Persuasion.Mm-mmm.
It's a new vibration.
Crystal Blue Persuasion.Crystal Blue Persuasion.

Maybe tomorrow.When he looks down.
In every green field.And every town.
All of his children.Every nation.
There'll be peace and good.Brotherhood.

Crystal Blue Persuasion.

Crystal Blue Persuasion.Ah haa.

Crystal Blue Persuasion.Ah haa.

Crystal Blue Persuasion.Ah haa.


After the song ended.Twilight clapped her forehooves.And Gil turned seeing her,and bowed.

Gil,Thank You.Thank You.Your a great audience.

Twilight,Oh Gil.That was beautiful.

Gil,Thanks.It was one of my moms favorites.She used to sing it to me.All the time when i was little.So how did it go with Mayor Mare and Fluttershy?

Twilight,(Sighing)Not good honey.Fluttershy is complaining about how construction here in Ponyville is forcing the animals to leave their homes,and she's complaining about the gunfire from the base.And so on.I just don't know what to do about all this.

Gil,(Hugging Twilight)Don't worry baby.I'll talk to Admiral Wineman when Danny,your brother and I go to Canterlot on thursday.When we have our Comstat meeting.

Twilight,Thanks honey.Now lets eat.

Gil,Great.And afterward.We can watch "HUNTER"I just got the series on DVD.

Twilight,What's "HUNTER"

Gil,Only my favorite cop show,since I was a kid.

Twilight,Well.I guess it's allright.I mean it is like studying human culture.And I admit.I do love watching T.V.with you?

Twilight and Gil ate dinner and watched a few episodes of "HUNTER".Later went to bed and made love to one another.Over the next few days.More ponies came to JSB-Ponyville for Military service.More recriuts,and more aircraft were coming on line.The OV-10 Bronco was now in use as a ground attack craft by The Royal Air Force.Royal Navy.And Royal Marines.Bases were being built all over Equestria.And the first base opening soon would be Applelossa Air Force Base.(Applelossa-AFB).Admiral Wineman proved he was also capable of negotiating.Chief Thunderhooves of The Bison Tribe.Much like The American Indians,had concerns about base and was in a meeting with The Admiral in his office in Canterlot.

Chief Thunderhooves,Please understand Admiral.My people have concerns,about the building of a military base.We fear it would give Princess Celestia power over my people.There was that incident in Applelossa several years ago when apple trees were put onto our stampede trail.It almost led us in war with Equestria.

Admiral Wineman,Yes Chief.I recall my Adjutant.Ensign Applejack telling me about it.And the ensuing battle.With pies,but let me assure you Chief Thunderhooves.We have no intention on building the base on your lands.And we are building it to help defend Equestria.

Chief Thunderhooves,Defend Equestria?From whom?

Admiral Wineman,From humans.My people.The countries of the human world have some of the largest military forces.And as you know.A cloud barrier surrounds all of Equestria.However.One day human scientists will find a way to break the cloud barrier.And Equestria needs to be ready for that day.

Chief Thunderhooves,Why not just try to talk with them?

Admiral Wineman,Believe me Chief.Negotiating is always the best way to go.However.There are humans who have an agenda.And force will be the only thing they understand.

Chief Thunderhooves,Are all humans as evil and greedy as the legends tell us?I only ask Admiral.Because you do not seem to be what the legends have foretold.

Admiral Wineman,Well.There is a quote from my world.A famous man named Edmund Burke.He lived a couple of hundred years before I was born.He said."The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil.Is for good men to do nothing."

Chief Thunderhooves,That is very profound Admiral.

Admiral Wineman,It is.And I live by it.That is why I joined The United States Navy.And after what I will call "The Betrayal"And after I came here to Equestria with the other humans.When Princess Celestia offered me the job I'm in now.I knew I had to do it.If other humans were to come here with hostole intent.Then I need to be ready to face them.Because.This is my new home.And also I am in a relationship with The Princess.So Those are my reasons.However I can assure you Chief.We will not build on tribal land.Nor will we ever try to invade your lands.And my word carries weight.In fact. if you ever need it.Equestria will come to you're peoples defense.

Chief Thunderhooves,Hmmm.I believe you Admiral.However.Actions speak louder than words.

Admiral Wineman,What else can I do to convince you my intentions are sincere?

Chief Thunderhooves,Allow my people to enlist.If they so choose.

Admiral Wineman,Of course sir.Anyone who wishese to enlist would be welcome,but they would have to go through Basic Recriut Training.There will be no special treatment.Every recriut gets treated equally.

Chief Thunderhooves,That is acceptable.Thank You for your time Admiral.I hope at some point we can build a bond of iron between my people and Equestria.Not by a piece of paper.But by ones actions.

Admiral Wineman,(Shaking hands/hooves)I hope so as well.
MLP-FIM.The Crisis.Chapter 12.Part 3.
Part 3 of Chapter 12.

Luke proposes to Rainbow Dash.And she says YES!!!!

Admiral Winemanhas a meeting with Chief Thunderhooves.

MLP-FIM is owned by Hasbro.

This is just for fun.Not for profit.

If anyone wants to make a comic from this.Feel free to do so.As long as you credit me.

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Things were shaping up.In Ponyville,as well as the rest of Equestria.The jet aircraft were finally being built.Rainbow Dash and Luke were both promoted.Luke was now a Major.And Rainbow Dash was now a Captain.And she was getting her own squadron.The Rainboomers.The Firefly F-12 Unicorn Fighter Plane and B-11 Dragon Bomber were now being flown in The Royal Equestrian Air Force.As well as The Royal Equestrian Navy And Marine Corps.Bases were being built after a lottery by Princess Celestia to chose which cities would host which branch.Also thing in Equestria were getting better.Jobs were popping up in Metal mining.Electronics.Dr.Whooves also was doing research with human blood to find a way to combat The Crisis.Telephone service was being initiated with the construction of telephone poles.And telephones.Princess Celestia called a new era for Equestria.And Starlight Glimmer was going to Applewood.To help kickstart Equestria's new medium.Television.Starlight had such success selling T.V.s.As well as DVD Players.That She was asked by The Equestrian Brodcasting Company (EBC)Which brodcasts radio,to help broadcast Television programs.So she would be gone about six months.Twilight and Gil were with Starlight at Ponyville train station seeing her off to Applewood.

Twilight,Are you sure about this Starlight?I mean starting a business selling T.V.s and CD and DVD players is one thing,but actually going and staring up a new entertainment industry.It seems like a large undertaking.

Starlight,I know,but I love the challenge.And think about it Twilight.What better way to spread the messege of friendship,than through television.And I learned alot when I toured the base T.V.Station back at PAX-RIVER in Virginia.

Twilight,When did you do that?

Starlight,When you were spending the weekend with Gil.

Twilight,I should have known.

All Aboard,Train 209.Going to Applewood.Leaving in 2 minutes.All Aboard.

Starlight hugged both Twilight and Gil,and got on the train and left for Applewood.Twilight and Gil both waved goodbye.

Meanwhile back in Houston Texas.Seth Bowman was in his new office at MENDOZA ENTERPRISES.And was settling in to his new job.As Director of Special Projects.He had a big office on the executive floor of THE MENDOZA TOWER.Overlooking Downtown Houston.He had a brand new Penthouse apartment also with a view.Bowman also found all the local gay hotspots to pick up his favorite prey.Fresh Young men 18-21.Yes Bowman was a man who had it all.And he still kept in touch with his pals at "The Shop".Bowman was looking over some reports for "PROJECT EQUINE"When his Telephone rang.

Bowman,This is Seth Bowman.

Mendoza,Seth.This is J.W.I need you to meet me at my oil refinary.We have ourselves a little problem.And bring that friend of yours with you.

Bowman,Right away J.W.

Bowman left his office and called Henrich on his cellphone.And told him to meet at the oil refineryBowman left in his Porsche.When Bowman arrived.He walked inside and found J.W.and some of his securitymen.Along with a young man about 20 tied to a steel beam.

Bowman,J.W.What's going on here?

Mendoza,Well Seth.What we have here is this boy who was working here.Was actually an undercover operative for some tree hugger group.Only problem is.He ain't tellin us a thing.

Bowman,Henrich will make him talk.(Looks at Securityman)Did you find any computers?

Securityman,Yes sir.We found a laptop in his apartment.

Bowman,Did you clear out all the employee's?

Securityman,Yes sir.Mr Mendoza gave them the rest of the day off.

Bowman.Let me see the computer.(Looks at Henrich)Make him talk.

As Henrich tortured and interrogated the young man.Bowman looked over the mans computer and also found that his belt buckle had a hidden camera that filmed the goins on at the refinary,and were uploaded to the laptop.However none of the videos were put on the internet.Bowman went back to talk to Mendoza.

Bowman,Looks like our boy here didn't upload anything yet,but he sure took a lot of video.

Mendoza,So this boy was gonna put out some video to make me look like some kinda ogre huh?

Bowman.It looks that way J.W.

Mendoza,And the last thing I need is video that starts a congressional investigation.Nothing.And I mean nothing can interfere with our plans.Now what else do we know?

Bowman.Let's ask Henrich.

Both men walked in to where henrich was with the young man.Who was almost unconiness.

Bowman.Henrich.What have you learn.Is he some kind of cop?

Henrich,Nein.He vorks for a group called "Friends of Mother Nature"He's vat you vould call a Enveronmentalist.

Mendoza,So.He's one them fellers that wants to be one with the earth.Well he gonna get his chance.(looks at Bowman)kill him.And dump him in the the time they find him.There won't be anything left to indentify.After that.Your on a plane to Managua.Tonight.

Bowman,What for J.W.?

Mendoza,For a survey operation.for "PROJECT EQUINE".

Bowman,I'll take care of it.(Looks at Securitymen)Bring him.(Looks at young man,sighing)Such a waste.

Bowman and some securitymen took the young man out to the hot Texas desert.Bowman then put 2 bullets in the back of his head.And had him stripped naked and left there.For the coyotes.He would never be found.Later afterward.Bowman was on a plane for Managua Nicaragua.

Back in Equestria.Former DSS Agent Nate Mossinger was busy.He had been hired on to The Manehattan Police Department.As a Detective.With a Strong recommendation by Princess Celestia to The Police Commisioner.He had already rented a nice apartment near Police Headquarters.He had also bought more clothes from Rarity's shop,that Coco Pommel was running.And she and Nate began talking and spending time with each other.Nate was at his desk in The Detective Squad.When a Patrolpony came up to him.

Patrolpony,Umm Detective.


Patrolpony,The Commisioner want's to see you in his office.


Nate walked over to the elevator and went to the 7th floor.The Office of The Police Commisioner.Nate knocked on the door.The Police Commisioner was an older Earth Pony about 55.Wearing a suit and tie.His Cutie Mark was A Police Shield.

P.C.,Come in

Nate,You wanted to see me sir?

P.C.,Ah yes.Mossinger.Please have a seat.

Nate takes a seat.

P.C.,So.How are you and the other Humans adjusting to living here.In Equestria?

Nate,Fine sir.My former team leader Luke Thomas is now an officer in The Royal Equestrian Air Force.And he is dating a Pegasus Pony named Rainbow Dash.And I'm kinda seeing a pony named Co Co Pommel.She actually likes me,but we haven't had our first date.

P.C.,And the job?

Nate,Well I'm getting used to it.My partner and I solved a purse snatching case.We haven't had a murder come across my desk yet.

P.C.,And be thankful.We don't get that many murders here in Equestria.WE get one from time to time.Usually a rouge Dragon or Griffon is the suspect.Occasionally a pony will be the suspect,but like I said.It's rare,but enough about that.The reason I called you here Detective Mossinger is.I think it's time to upgrade our sidearms.From the crossbow pistols.To the new firearms that are coming out.

Nate,Well.I know a couple of people at Ponyville Joint Services Base.Maybe they can help.

P.C.,Good.Head down there for a few days next week.And see what your friends come up with.And I also want you to be the departments new Firearms Instructor.

Nate,I'll do sir.You can count on me.I'll leave for Ponyville in a couple of days.

P.C.,Good.Let me know what your friends come up with.And Detective.One last thing.


P.C.,I don't know how it is with cops in your world,but here cops risk their lives too.Do you understand what I mean?

Nate,I think so sir.And thanks.

Nate left The P.C.s office and went back to his desk,grabbing his jacket.He left Police Headquaters and went to the boutiqe.To see Coco Pommel.And ask her out on a date.Which she accepted.
MLP-FIM.The Crisis.Chapter 12.Part 2.
Part 2 of Chapter 12

Things in Equestria are getting better by the day.

Back in Texas however.Bowman settles into his new job.Also deals with a Enviornmentalst spy.And has to go overseas.

MLP-FIM is owned by Hasbro.

This is just for fun.Not for profit.

If anyone wants to make a comic from this.Feel free to do so.As long as you credit me.

Should I include Sunset Shimmer as a pony in my Fan-Fic series MLP-FIM The Crisis? 

5 deviants said Yes.
1 deviant said No.


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